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Michael “Mick” O’Neill is a Senior SIU Investigator with a wealth of experience in insurance and security, having spent the past 30 plus years conducting complex investigations and security advisory services on a domestic and international level, involving many organized crime syndicates.  He has conducted investigations and led security trainings in such diverse locations as Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, and Turkey.

Mick was a highly decorated Special Branch Officer for a major European police agency (undisclosed), where he specialized in Anti-Terrorist offences. Mick also serves on the board of many insurance, security, and law enforcement organizations. For the past 12 years he was the lead investigator for a classic car insurance company and agency. 

Mick is a certified State of California Police Officer Standard Training Instructor.  Outside of his work for TittmannWeix, he is regularly requested to provide training for law enforcement agencies throughout the State of California.  He is a subject matter expert on investigative procedures and has been requested by district attorneys to provide expert opinion on various insurance related criminal investigations.

  • California P.O.S.T. Certified Instructor
  • NICB Fast-track Academy 2011
  • Board Member and President Emeritus (2017-2018), Western Regional Chapter of International Association Auto-Theft Investigator
  • President Emeritus (2019), Southern Chapter Western States Auto-Theft Investigators Association
  • President Emeritus (2014-2016), Orange County Auto-Theft Investigators Association, The Auto-Theft Advisory Commission of Orange County
  • Member, International Association of Special Investigators (IASIU)
  • Chasing Classic Cars (2022)
  • Pablo Escobar: Lover of Classic Cars (2022)
  • Annual presenter at Auto-Theft Investigators conferences around the United States, South America, and Europe


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