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TittmannWeix, founded in early 2020, had the foresight to invest in remote technology before circumstances made it necessary.  We leveraged IT to offer cross-border flexibility in service of both our clients and our employees.  What happened next made us look prescient.  So, we embrace the network rather than office firm model, with team members located across the country.  They appreciate the option to eliminate commutes, relocate closer to family or vacation, or assist family in need.  Our clients appreciate that we cover all time zones and offer regional specialties from the ground. 

At the same time, we are proud to be anchored by our headquarters at the top of Bunker Hill next to the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, a premiere gathering place for TW boot camps and team building. 

350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 1630
Los Angeles, CA 90071 

While we have handled matters touching every state in the nation, we are admitted to the bars of the following states. 

State Locations Accross the Unitied States

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