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Raymond Tittmann is a founder and Managing Partner of Tittmann Weix LLP, founded in 2020 together with his longtime friend and colleague Louisa G. Weix. Mr. Tittmann and Ms. Weix began their career at a large, international law firm, handling intellectual property and environmental claims. Since then, Mr. Tittmann has devoted his career almost exclusively to the practice of insurance coverage at several firms before starting their own. Mr. Tittmann believes that law firms can serve their clients – and employees – better by adopting new technology and more creative, results-drive strategies. Thus, TittmannWeix was founded with the motto: effective ~ creative ~ responsive. The new model has proven attractive.

He advises insurance clients on complex insurance coverage issues across the country. He was recently recognized by Law360 as an MVP in the field of insurance.

Mr. Tittmann is prominently known for handling difficult coverage disputes in litigation, often involving inter-carrier disputes. He is currently representing Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London, in a dispute with Zoom Communications and its various towers of insurance concerning allocation of an $85 million privacy settlement.

He represented Certain Underwriters in connection with a coverage dispute over a $64 million malpractice judgment against a national law firm. They prevailed on a precedent-setting summary judgment order by the Central District Hon. Stephen Wilson.

Ray represented a major product retailer in settlement negotiations to resolve more than $100 million in class actions. Both the underlying and coverage claims were resolved in a global class action settlement, confirmed by the court in 2019.

He prevailed in coverage litigation on behalf of the carrier for security guards at the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium over a severe fan beating. Judge Lucy H. Koh of the Northern District of California granted summary judgment, finding the carriers for the 49ers must share in coverage notwithstanding “primary and non-contributory” language.

  • Best Lawyers in America, Insurance Law, 2022 to Present
  • Thomson Reuters, Southern California “Super Lawyer,” 2018 to Present
  • Law360, MVP of the Year, Insurance, 2019
  • Chambers & Partners USA, Recognized Practitioner, Insurance Law (Insurer), 2015-2017 and 2022 to Present
  • St. Monica Academy, Soccer Coach
  • Law360, Insurance Editorial Board, 2017
  • University of Notre Dame Law School, J.D. 1997
  • Thomas Aquinas College, B.A. 1994
  • State Bars of California and Florida
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, United States District Courts for the Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts of California
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