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TittmannWeix is a full-service insurance law firm advising carriers on a wide range of claims, from the simple to the most complex, from first notice and monitoring to dispute resolution, through coverage litigation, trial, and appeal. We handle a variety of insurance products with specialties in cyber and ransomware, media and copyright, and gig economy related insurance products. We are presently engaged in substantial work relating to coronavirus and opioid coverage disputes.

Steeped Tradition of Insurance Coverage

Founders Raymond J. Tittmann and Louisa Weix started working together starting 20 years ago, as young associates at a prestigious international law firm, working on high-profile intellectual property, professional liability, and environmental litigation. Since then, we have spent a significant portion of our careers specializing in the field of insurance.

As the coverage litigation landscape has shifted with world events, to newer cyber, specialty, and gig-economy policies, and with policyholders in continuous relationships with their carriers, Raymond and Louisa are excited to join forces with a common vision of peerless client service.

Current Trends and Success

Louisa, a registered patent attorney, has focused on large risk software implementation and intellectual property claims, and in particular on copyright and trademark claims. As the threat of cyber incidents grew, Louisa expanded her practice to include privacy and cyber claims, including ransomware, business interruption loss, and third party regulatory and class action claims. The sudden shift to universal remote work necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic promises to spark a meteoric rise of cyber risk.

Raymond learned the intricacies of coverage on multi-million and-billion dollar environmental and asbestos coverage litigation, and has since then developed a specialty in litigating current day general liability, media, and professional liability policies. He has a documented record of success in coverage litigation, as recognized by Law360 in receiving the 2019 MVP Award in the field of insurance, notably for prevailing on a novel dispute on behalf of several leading London Market carriers, including Brit, Beazley, and SwissRe.   

Innovation To Reduce Legal Spend

TittmannWeix partners with long-standing clients to resolve insurance claims consistent with shared values, tried and true. With the goal to achieve results at advantageous legal spend rates by developing strategies that are effective, creative, and responsive, we look for strategic partners in all corners, even in the context of adversarial litigation. However, when it is necessary to litigate aggressively, we are proud of a record of wins on fiercely contested, portfolio-sized cases. We strive to maintain the same spirit of teamwork with everyone who joins us, seeking opportunities for learning, promotion, and growth for our entire team.

This incomparable vision has earned us client relationships that are true partnerships, and that have, in many cases, lasted and grown for more than a decade.  We are pleased to present our unique firm for your consideration and welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are different, and invite you to ask our associates how. The diversity you will actually find at TittmannWeix speaks louder than our words, but we welcome you to consider both. 

We proactively create opportunities for all of our team members and that philosophy of inclusion has made us more diverse.  Inclusion makes us stronger, helps us serve our clients better, and is the right thing to do. 

Our strategies to achieve diversity are many, but three in particular stand out. 

1. Creative

The firm’s motto is effective, creative, responsive.  We mean this in service of our clients and each other. Each of us at some point in our lives depend on the flexibility of those around us to succeed. It is a fact of life that priorities collide, and the team grows stronger when we are creative in finding a way to make it work for each other. But some members of society have historically suffered from an outsized disadvantage.

So, we are creative in finding ways to make it work: we offer generous parental and family leave policies, we permit fully remote work and flexible or reduced hours – even on an indefinite basis, we embrace modern technology to make it easy to work on the go, and we pay for local “ready to go” workspace near our attorneys’ homes. We continually evolve to find new ways to make work sustainable for each other in whatever circumstance.

2. Mentorship and Coaching

The founders of the firm have benefitted from mentoring and coaching they received in their careers, and are committed to creating a culture in which we “pay it forward” by coaching everyone in the firm to help them achieve their goals. Thus, we have put away with traditional “performance reviews” of yesterday’s law firm and replaced them with “development plans” – our own creation – wherein we invite everyone to review their progress and set goals for the coming year. Then we arrange mentors within the firm to meet with them quarterly to help strategize and refine how to accomplish their goals, and measure their success.

Thus, “mentorship” is not just a free lunch, but an active coaching playbook to help every team member reach their goals. Besides internal coaching we also provide professional coaching. Diverse talent relish the experience of true mentorship and coaching when they come to TW and the opportunity to be mentors and coaches to others.  

3. Opportunity

We dedicate time and money to make sure that everyone on our team has the opportunity for marketing, client relationships, and training. We believe we are stronger when our clients know that our bench is broad and deep, and can discuss matters with the full team directly. Rejecting the traditional model of “protecting” clients, we insist on serving clients, encouraging exposure to the full breadth of talent.

Our philosophy of opportunity extends also to future lawyers and insurance professionals, as we offer internships and mentoring to college students. Our first group of interns are now entering law school at Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Boston University. This philosophy allows for diverse inclusion in opportunities for growth and client development.

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